Did you know that many common insects are not only edible but actually good for you protein wise? Once you get over the initial shock of trying to get a wriggling insect into your mouth and tasting it’s juices these insects can actually be a lifesaver if you’re ever in a survival situation and you need a viable food source. Here are some tips that come from someone who has personally eaten various types of insects before.

  • Cook ALL Insects – Cooking thoroughly kills parasites and harmful bacteria. Despite what Bear Grylls tells you insects if not cooked properly can actually make you sick.
  • Nutritious – Many insects are high in protein, fats, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Insects to Avoid:

  • Brightly coloured insects
  • Hairy insects
  • Insects that smell
  • Insects that feed on poisonous plants (like snails and slugs)

Edible Insects:

Ants – Raw – Sour, Roasted with Salt. Larvae are edible. Very nutritious.

Crickets / Grasshoppers / Locust – Roast, Fry, Boil. Pull legs once cooked – Protein, Calcium.

Grubs – Roast, Fry

Earth Worms – Soak in Water (a few hours) or squeeze – to get dirt out. Dry, roast or fry.

Beetles – Roast and eat like popcorn. Fat and protein.

Bees and Wasps – Brood & Adult – Roast or Fry

Dragonfly – Roast, Fry

June Bug – Roast over coals

Stink Bug (Jumiles) – Roast, Fry – High in Vitamin B.

Meal Worm – Roast, Fry

Termites – Roast, Fry

Cicadas – Roast, Fry

Moth Larvae – Roast, Fry, Boil

Maggots – Roast, Fry- High in aminos. Better for you than meat.

Snails / Slugs – Danger!!! MUST Gut or Purge. Roast, fry or boil.

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