Widespread chemical/biological attacks seem to be imminent lately with the ever present threat of terrorism. So… here’s how to put together your very own Biological & Chemical Protection Kit for just under $100! In fact this whole DIY kit is actually around $85 total.

See below links to get the best bang for your buck:

Gas Mask: You’ll need a gas mask to protect your face and respiratory system from airborne pathogens and chemical particles. Israeli Military Surplus M-15 Gas Masks are some of the best and cheapest around, yet are getting harder and harder to find these days with huge supplies flying off the shelves in the wake of our recent international Ebola scare. I have the M-15 civilian version of this gas mask and they are extremely comfortable, have a port for a hydration tube and best of all they have been tested in real life conditions in the Middle East.

Military Chemical Suit: These suits provide optimal protection from chemical and biological attacks and are used by the UK military. These are surprisingly cheap yet are proven to work by soldiers whose lives depend on them in combat situations.

Gloves: You’re going to need gloves to protect your hands from contact with chemical pathogens and biological particles. Long, chemical resistant gloves can be found online, at some supermarkets and hardware stores. You can get these at around $10 – $15 depending on the brand etc.

Boots: In order to have full protection from chemical and biological hazards, it is important to have a good pair of rubber over-boots to protect your feet and legs from chemical and biological particles from coming into contact with your body. Ensure that you ‘blouse’ your trousers inside your boots for maximum protection. Once again, these boots that we recommend are used by the UK military and you can get them for around $25.

Nuclear Protection: In the event of a post-nuclear fallout, there is a way to reduce the effects of nuclear radiation in your body. Its called Potassium Iodide and its available right here on Amazon for less than $10 for a pack of 14 tablets. What this basically does is it reduces the chances of harmful radioactive iodine from entering your thyroid glands.

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