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  • Basic Survival Skills: finding, clarifying and purifying water; building and lighting fires utilising a range of both traditional and modern techniques; maintaining your core body temperature; building basic shelters to protect from the elements and identifying natural ones; signalling for help – day, night, land, sea and in the air.
  • Urban Survival – how to prepare for and survive disasters both natural and man-made.
  • Emergency/survival kits – how to put together bug out bags, mini survival tins and EDC bags.

Why Should We Be Prepared?

Never before in history has emergency preparedness been so important. We live a world that is growing more and more uncertain day by day. We really do take so much for granted. One day they could be snatched away from us – just like that.

As Rudy Reyes, former USMC Recon Marine and star of the urban survival documentary Apocalypse Man said “the things we take for granted can be destroyed with terrifying speed”.  The people of New Orleans found out the hard way when Hurricane Katrina swept through in 2005 causing total devastation. The Red Cross and government emergency management agencies recommend that you have supplies for the first 72 hrs after a disaster. So the hard truth is that emergency services cannot always be there for us… especially when thousands of others are pleading for help. There is only so much they can do.

It’s not hard to picture a world without law and order, electricity and the necessities of life such as food and water.

Survival is the ability to stay alive and escape from danger whilst others are dying around you. Knowledge of survival skills can mean the difference between life and death and can keep you and your loved ones while other people are dying around you. Many people have lost there lives in various disaster situations because they were simply unprepared.
Listen up, the hard truth is that when wide scale disaster strikes the cogs that keep our nation going literally stops. Reality Check. What happens when 90% of the workforce don’t turn up to work? There are no truck drivers, no one to man the factories and the list could go on and on. When the trucks that keep our nation’s vital food supply running, stop, so does the food supply. Did you know that the very grocery stores which we are so reliant on for food usually hold no more than 2 days supply of food in stock at the most? Did you know that without rule of law, there is anarchy? And we’ve seen it time and time again in any natural disaster or other emergency that we’ve seen this century. Think about it, do you want your family to die of starvation and thirst when you could have taken the time, effort and money to stock up on life saving supplies that could have potentially seen your family through the worst?  And… it doesn’t have to be a wide scale disaster or emergency for things to go south quickly. It could something like a simple power outage, wild weather or losing your job. Do you have such items as candles, lanterns, working torches, spare batteries, chainsaws, hand tools and wet weather gear on hand for these sorts of events? Do you even have an emergency plan? Most people aren’t even prepared for the simpler emergency events let alone wide-scale ones.

Ok, where do I begin?

It is quite an overwhelming task becoming a “prepper” – someone who lives a more prepared lifestyle. I would suggest that you read through all the articles on this website and other pertinent ones dealing with the topics of ‘survival’, ‘prepping’, ‘emergency preparedness’, ‘self sufficiency’ and ‘self reliance’. Find some good books on these topics too – there’s so many that it would be impossible to list them all here, but if there was just one survival handbook that I would recommend, it would be the SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere written by former SAS trooper and instructor, John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman. This book deals with everything to do with survival mindset, wilderness and urban survival techniques, medical and first aid procedures as well as self defence tactics.
Being prepared doesn’t happen over night it takes time – a lot of time in fact. It also costs money… but it doesn’t have to hurt your pocket if you do it the right way and when you think about it what is your safety and that of your family’s worth? If a disaster stikes and you’re prepared for it, I can guarantee 100% that you would be forever grateful for doing so.
One of the first things that I would suggest you do to have at least something to feel more prepared and secure in the mean time while you build that pantry stockpile and get your head around all things emergency preparedness, would be to invest in an emergency kit (also more commonly known in survival circles as a bug out bag) – one that you put together yourself. See my list of the core essentials that I believe should be in every bug out bag here.
Also see our article called “Your First Steps to a One Year Stockpile” here which you will find very useful in building your own emergency stockpile.
Finally, please check out this huge list of the best survival, emergency preparedness, homesteading, self-reliance and bushcraft websites on this planet which you should hopefully find helpful: www.topprepperwebsites.com

Until next time, remember “Be Prepared, Stay Alive!”

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