4 May, 2016

So recently I put together a personal survival kit (PSK) and this is the third version I have assembled and hand selected the items myself.

The Container

I used the American Flag tin that came in the April 2016 Apocabox as it’s the perfect size for this kit. It’s larger than a standard Altoids tin as it’s at least double the size in depth. This tin is also more solidly built than an Altoids tin. Yes I know what you’re thinking. I live in Australia and am a proud Aussie so why would I want a tin with an American Flag on it? It’s not that I’m being unpatriotic but it’s like a lot of things. Why do Aussies go around wearing T-Shirts with Las Vegas on them? They’re souvenirs. Simple. That’s the way I see it with this tin plus it’s very well made so it would be a shame to chuck it out. I’m sure this tin won’t be red and have an American Flag on it forever though. I’m thinking of repainting it an earth toned colour like Coyote Brown or OD Green but for now this is my American Flag souvenir tin.

The Contents

You’d be surprised at what I was able to fit inside this pocket sized tin but this is what’s inside:

– 2 pieces of paper for writing notes
– Golf pencil
– Fresnel lens in plastic case
– Signalling mirror
– Ferro rod and hacksaw striker firestarter
– 10 regular matches with striker inside plastic bag
– Ferro rod and sail needle duct taped to lid of tin
– Mini BIC lighter with duct tape wrapped around it
– S.O.L.A.S approved ACME Tornado Rescue Whistle
– Folded aluminium foil
– Sewing kit with assorted threads and needle
– Mini LED light that came in the Apocabox April 2016 edition
– Medium sized plastic bag for collecting water
– Piece of cotton cloth for filtering water and making char cloth
– Button compass
– Stainless steel snare wire 2x rolls
– Chicken stock cube
– Hootchie utility cord
– Mini fishing kit with hooks, fishing line, sinkers, weight etc
– Water purification tablets 5x
– 2x Swispers cotton pads
– Small ball of jute fibre
– Small blade

This PSK is designed to complement what I carry on my person as EDC as well as what’s inside my EDC bag. Where’s a knife or multitool in the PSK? There’s none in there except for a very small blade. I carry a Leatherman multitool and folding knife on my person so blades are taken care of. In terms of medical items, I don’t have anything in this PSK but I do carry – in my EDC bag – a decently stocked Mini Trauma / First Aid Kit. Additionally I also have bandannas, a triangular bandage and snake bite bandages inside my EDC bag that all are very useful for stopping bleeding.
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