Blade materials decide the effectiveness and durability of a knife. The materials used for a blade will usually depend on the price a person pays for it, and the purpose it was designed for. Whether it’s used as a tool or a weapon, there are different alloys and materials used to determine the quality and reliability of your knife.

Kinds of Blade Material:

There are many different kinds of blade material, but they are typically made of alloys. With modern alloy materials, knives have become sharper and more durable than ever. Knife Center is a popular online knife store that sells a variety of knives – from Leatherman tools to cold steel and Boker knives – with a variety of materials.

These materials include:

Alloy Steels
Chrome Steel
Semi-Stainless Steel
High-Speed Steel
Super Stainless Steels
Carbon Steels

Why are Steel and Steel Alloys So Popular?

Steel is easily one of the most popular materials used to make a strong knife blade. Whether it’s pure steel or an alloy, this material is extremely durable and can be polished to a sharp blade.

Steel by itself, however, is harder to work with in terms of manufacturing. The use of alloys allows manufacturers to more easily manipulate the material in the fabrication process. These alloy materials also offer corrosion resistance, which is the ability of steel to resist deterioration regardless of its environment.

Steel also offers general wear resistance, as well as edge retention. A steel blade can more easily hold a sharp edge without requiring re-sharpening on a regular basis. The sharpness if the blade is also guaranteed “out of the box”, too.

What Alloys are Used?

There are many different alloys used to perfect a steel blade. These alloys change the properties of steel that make a knife suitable for specific tasks. Below are some of the most popular alloy additions in knives.


Vanadium improves a steels hardenability, and it promotes finer grains in steel. The grain structure of steel determines the strength and resistant of the material, and the finer the grain, the better the knife.


Nickel is a common material found on earth, and it can be used to improve the toughness and durability of steel. It’s also ideal for resisting corrosion. This alloy is used often in dive knives.


By using chromium with steel, it is possible to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, as well as hardenability. This element is often used in martensitic stainless steels, which tend to be used either for sports knives, or for cutlery.


Carbon is technically not an alloy, because it is already present in a traditional carbon steel. However, some manufacturers will still increase the amount of carbon within their steel to improve hardness and durability in a knife.


Molybdenum will offer improved tensile strength making knives extremely durable and long lasting. It also improves corrosion resistance, making knives ideal for outside use.

Trust Knife Experts to Find the Right Knife for You

Popular online knife stores will be able to provide you with a wide range of knives, with blades made from a variety of materials. Knife Depot is a great example of this kind of store. If you want to find out more about the many different varieties of knives out there, you can reach out to our team for help!

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By Guest Writer Rachel Summers.

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