What’s in His Pack? Gear-Planning Tips from an Ultra-Light Backpacking Expert

ultralight backpack

Packing lightly isn’t a skill easily acquired, especially if you’re used to bringing much more stuff than you need “just in case”. While it’s true that we tend to overthink and over pack when we’re traveling, it is possible to wrangle ourselves into accepting that more often than not less […]

DIY “Surefire” Kit

Ever been caught out in a situation where you didn’t have any means of starting a fire on you? “Never again!” you said, so here’s some ideas for what should go inside a small portable fire kit. BiC Lighter with duct tape around it to prevent accidental discharge or leaking […]

35 Must-Have Bartering Items

Total collapse of society and the economic system isn’t hard to imagine. In fact right now, the global financial situation isn’t looking too good. Don’t believe me? Then check out http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com – what is currently going on will literally blow your mind. In fact leading economists all agree that the world […]