What’s in His Pack? Gear-Planning Tips from an Ultra-Light Backpacking Expert

ultralight backpack

Packing lightly isn’t a skill easily acquired, especially if you’re used to bringing much more stuff than you need “just in case”. While it’s true that we tend to overthink and over pack when we’re traveling, it is possible to wrangle ourselves into accepting that more often than not less […]

Survival Food Basics

Survival Food. It’s a subject that any serious survivalist or prepper has to think about extensively. There are many different options for survival foods out there. They are available as “freeze dried”, “dehydrated”, “ready to eat”, “emergency ration packs” , “non perishable food” and the list goes on and on. […]

Keeping Your Prepping CLASSIFIED

As a survivalist or prepper, have you thought about what kind of information you’re disclosing to others and whether that can potentially have a negative impact on your personal security? In our latest article entitled “Keeping Your Prepping CLASSIFIED”, OzSurvivalGuy delves into why you should be careful about who you […]